Meet the team

Gant Technologies is an expert provider of telecommunciations services.  

Founded in 2002, the company has grown to be a leader in sales,technical and support services to all levels of business.  

Our Vision

To continue being a leading communication services organisation providing technical, engineering and sales expertise of the highest standard to all customers.

Our Values

Responsiveness: -we plan effectively and react quickly
Honesty- we are transparent about what we can do and communicate openly
Integrity – solutions and workmanship that can be trusted
Flexibility- we accommodate the different requirements and needs of our customers

Our Business

Gant Technologies is a leader in the installation and maintenance of IP PABX and key telephone systems in Australia. Based in Victoria, Gant Technologies have installed more than 2000 PABX systems over the past 7 years, nationally. Our strategy is to remain a highly recognised and respected telecommunication services provider, through our ability to deliver to our customers and service our products.

Our Proposition

Gant Technologies is focused on being the market leader in technical and engineering expertise for IP telephony and unified communications. Our business has grown significantly in the past five years through providing installation and maintenance services to the telecommunications sales industry, in particular Telstra Business Centres.

The decision to concentrate on the installation, engineering and technical aspects and build this expertise, we believe, offers us a distinct advantage over our competitors. We provide customers our knowledge and expertise across all the technical aspects of IT & T designs, systems and integration.

Our Team

Our Managing Director, George Tzolakis, is the founder of Gant Technologies and his background is one of technical and service orientation. George’s expertise is in pre-sales engineering consultancy, technical design, implementation and data architecture. He also has a Business Consultancy background through working at Telstra and has transferred these skills into building a team of accountable, technical, delivery experts in IP systems and Unified Communications.

Jessica Reutt joined the Gant team in 2017, bringing a wealth of knowldge within the telecommunications industry.  Jessica manages and co-ordinates our NBN provisioning as well as ensuring the deliver of all carrier servcies we offer.   Where there is a problem, Jessica will find the solution.

Many of our customers are familar with John Miller.   John has been expertly servicing client telecommunciation needs with Gant for over 12 years.  In recent times, John has headed up our newest initiative managing our technical help desk for our cusotmers.  John performs a critical role as first and second level technical help as well as delivering remote adds moves and change requirements.  
Michael Bole our technical engineer, has been delivering our solutions with the high level of profesionalism and efficiency that we have biult our reputation on.  Michael has been in the industry for over a decade and has extraorinary skills and ability to integrate the traditional telephone system with the latest Cloud and IP solutions.

Our team our proud of the work we do, and our ability to deliver the most effective and efficent IT and T solutions to our valued clients.

Our technical team's excellence has been acknowledged by our partner Aria Technologies, where we were awarded Engineering Partner of the Year 2015 and have received nominations for the award in 2019 and 2020.  

Our Approach

Project Management, Installation and Training.

Key projects are successfully delivered when they are well planned. Our approach is to work closely with you our customer to discuss, document and agree on a plan that does not just address the technical aspects of the implementation, but just as importantly, the change management process your people and organisation will go through.

Our Customers

Our Customers are varied in size, complexity and needs.
  • Beacon Lighting -  the lagest integrated voice network solution deployed in Australi using the Ericsson-LG solution.  We integrated into Beacon's SD WAN solution, deploying a seamless centralised solution with redundancy.   We conitune to manage the changes in our client's organisation and deliver the support, improvements and efficiancies to meet Beacon's requirements.
  • Capital SMART Australia  - over 40 sites nationally,  CS has been a leader in the smash repair and insurance industry.  Our work with CS has included the design and implementation of a contact centre solution, spanning all sites.
  • Pullman Mecure Hotel - Albert Park:  The largest installed Ericsson-LG hospitality solution in Australia, with over 400 rooms and 200 adminstration extensions.
  • MIA - Medical Imaging Australia – over 80 sites in Victoria alone- we have been installing and maintaining the MIA private IP telephony network for over 5 years.
  • Décor Australia: over 100 IP end points in Australia and China using Gigabit IP handsets and One X Portal.
  • Quest Apartments: Central office with inbound call centre applications and reporting for the national bookings. More than 3,000 calls a day are received in the call centre.
  • Department of Sustainability - integrated Unified Communications for a number of there regional sites including conferencing
  • Department of Justice – installations at a number of highly secure sites across Victoria
  • Society Apartments - South Yarra: 250 residential apartment block, providing a managed data network , delivering voice and data services over fibre.
  • Heritage Care Group: - Aged care facility provider with 120 beds at 5 different locations and states which is integrated with the administration head office in Melbourne. The solution was built to provide connectivity, service to clients and a sustainable financial model.

Our Key Partners

Our business has developed some key partnerships to deliver our solutions:

Telstra – Gant Technologies is an Accredited Voice and Data Specialist for Telstra and project manage the installations for a number of the Telstra Business Centres
Ericsson –LG – a recognised sales and service partner of Australia’s best-selling SMB phone systems
Avaya – an Avaya authorised solutions partner